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Pick a Door Game
Game ID #60: Awaiting Prizes
How to Play: This is a fairly simple game. Each game consists of 5 Rounds, beginning with Round 1. Each player must choose one of the 4 available Doors. At the end of each Round, the prizes behind each Door will be revealed. Depending on the Door you chose, you will either Move On to the next Round and repeat the process, or you will win a Prize. For the last Round, all Doors will result in Prizes thus ending the game. If you do not reveal a Move On, you cannot open anymore Doors for the remainder of the game.

Your Goal: Your goal in this game is to Move On as many times as you can. Each Round, the Prizes become better and better. At Round 5, there are 4 Doors of Prizes and they are the best Prizes available.
Round 1
This Round has Ended
Move On Prize Move On Prize
Round 2
This Round has Ended
Prize Prize Move On Move On
Round 3
This Round has Ended
Prize Move On Move On Prize
Round 4
This Round has Ended
Move On Prize Prize Move On
Round 5
This Round has Ended
Prize Prize Prize Prize
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