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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2021 Spring Festival - Sylestia Scavenge...
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Posted: 6/17/2021 at 12:36 AM Post #81
1st Place

Winner: Angelzrulez, EtnaEruvandi, Falkinsey, Oiseau, Pupzee, Silverstream616, Sonrisa, Sv3ntity, Tigress, Unstaeble

Prizes: Free Stable, 3-Visible Spring Festival Themed Pet of Choice (2-Vis if Majestic) OR Garden Seed of Choice, [Premium Fertilizer Bag] x2, [Box of Gardening Supplies] x1, [Large Basket of Enrichments] x10

With 25 Completed Tasks

Prizes: Title: Master Sylestiologist

With 15+ Completed Tasks

Prizes: Title: Sylestiologist

With 10+ Completed Tasks

Prizes: Title: Amateur Sylestiologist, [Mystery Seed Pouch] x1, [Premium Fertilizer Bag] x1, [Large Basket of Enrichments] x6, [Decorated Eggs] x500
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