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Posted: 6/11/2019 at 7:37 PM Post #1
Toby, Female
Toby is a female tagged crested gecko draeyl that is based off my real life pet. She loves to play and jump but also like climbing and getting in trouble. We play tag where she crawls and I catch her and we re-do it until she gets tired and lays in her box. Then I put her back inside her cage. She is nervous around anyone besides me and helps when I have stress. She loves it when I give her a bath and she gets to sit in a warm rag while I tell her what has been going on.

Jennifer the Clown, Female
Jenn is a Black Velvet Petunia lupora that loves being silly and making her friends laugh. She may look rough around the edges but she is very sweet. She has two friends (Death and Destiny). She is going to be the second pet that will be leveled up.

Boston Harbor, Male
Named Boston Harbor after his mother Pearl Harbor. He is loyal and brave and wishes to be a ruler when he becomes king of all the kelpari I own. He has a Flourishing Mango friend who I will talk about later. The two are very close and do everything together.

Hex, Male
Hex is a clumsy but bold wizard. He is currently working on spells and spell casting. He loves to play and romp around with Strawberry Witch. He also loves water, tug-of-war, and looking fabulous in his hat.

Corruption, Male
Corruption is a very sweet boy. He loves attention and almost everyone he meets. He kind of looks like a haunted doll so most are frighted by his appearance. He is very handsome, sweet, smart, and loving to everyone.

Orca, Male
Orca is very antisocial and quiet. He doesn't like to be around people nor other animals, but he is mostly seen playing with his daughter Destiny. He loves Destiny to pieces and will do anything for her.

Destiny, Female
Destiny is a quirky and weird girl. She is often seen with her father but can also be found with Death and Jennifer the Clown. She is very hyper so she is always bouncing, running, or playing with something or someone. She is a very sweet and docile qitari.
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