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Posted: 2/3/2019 at 9:20 PM Post #11
Searching Sylesti 1

To search the sylesti that are owned by the users, Advanced Search is the trick.
Once one has arrived at the Search page, you have to select "Search Sylesti"

The page it takes you to might be confusing at first, so we will break it down.

Pet Name and Pet ID

The Pet Name search will search for all pets that have a name which start with what is typed into the box.
For example, typing "Bell" will find names such as:
"Bells", "Bella", Bellatrix", "Belle", "Bellamy", "Bell Tones", "Bello Vibrato"

Pet ID search, on the other hand, will specifically find the pet with the ID entered.
Typing "1" will find the pet with ID#1, and "222222" will find only pet #222222.
If no pet shows up, it's because that pet has been released and you have "Released" set to "no".

User Name and Pet ID

Typing either the User name or ID will find all pets that belong to that user.


Type selects how the pet was obtained

Any: Searches all pets- default setting

Exclusive: Searches all Exclusives- pets obtained via Festival Boards, Festival Creating activities, Dropped from Bosses, bought from the Diamond Shop, and won from Forum Games

Starter: Searches Starter pets

Mystical Gen.: Pets made using Mystical Essences
Enhanced Gen.: Pets made using Enhanced Essences
Regular Gen.: Pets made using Regular Essences

Offspring: Pets bred by users

Tamed: Pets caught during Adventuring, found as abandoned eggs or hatchlings, or bought from the Scale Shop, Puffadore Pet Shop, or Ny'vene Shop


Allows for the refinement of pet age searching. For example, if you just want to nurture pets, you can select from "Hatchling", "Eggling", or "Eggling and Hatchling" options.
Default is "Any"

Recovering, Released, Fabled, Gender

Recovering (pets on cooldown from breeding), Released, and Fabled are all "Yes/No/Any" dropdowns, while Gender is Male/Female/Any.

Default setting for Recovering, Fabled, and Gender is "Any"
Default for Released is "No"

Species and Themes

The Species dropdown allows you to specify which pet species you want to search.
Selecting a species is required to find particular Themes and Traits.

If no species is selected, the Themed Dropdown is restricted to "Any", "Yes", and "No"

When a species is selected, that pet's themes can be chosen from.
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Posted: 2/3/2019 at 9:40 PM Post #12
Searching Sylesti 2

Searching Purebreeds

In order to search for Purebred pets, you must either have Themed set to a specific species+theme or "Yes" if no species is selected, and have the "Include Purebred" dropdown set to either "Yes" or "Only".

Leaving the "Themed" dropdown as either "Any" or "No" will result in the search not functioning correctly.

The default setting for "Include Purebred" is "No", but this is nullified in a base search by "Themed" having the default of "Any".

Selecting "No" will make it only search G1 Themed pets

Selecting "Only" will exclude all G1 Themed pets

Trait Selection

For each trait slot there are two dropdowns- the visibility dropdown and the specific dropdown.

Visibility dropdown has the options
Any: Will search all pets regardless of a specific selected trait in this slot.

Visible: Will search solely for pets with a trait in this slot. If a specific trait is selected, it will search only for pets with that trait as a visible in the slot.

Carried: Will search for pets with a carried trait in the slot. If a specific trait is selected, it will include pets that have that trait as a Hidden trait. It does not find the genetics of Untested pets.

Either: Searches pets that have either a Visible or Carried trait in the slot. If a specific trait is selected, it will search for all pets that have that trait in their genetics. It does not find the genetics of Untested pets.

Nothing: Will search for pets that have no trait in the selected slot. However, it does not account for Untested pets having Carried traits in the slot and treats them at Traitless.

Specific traits can only be chosen if the Species has been selected.

Finding Sale and Breeding Sylesti

You can select to search specifically for pets that Are or Are Not for Sale and/or Breeding.
You can set price parameters at will.

Level Search

You can alter the levels of pets found by the search.

Order By

Order settings have two dropdowns.

The Second Dropdown is an option of "Descending" or "Ascending"
The Default is Descending.

Descending searches downwards/backwards- from highest number to lowest, or letter closest to Z back to A
Ascending searches upwards/forwards- lowest to highest, A to Z

The first dropdown has the options
Pet ID: sorts bet by their ID number.

Pet Name: Searches pets by name, but only if a user was specified in the username or User ID search boxes.

Sale Price: Automatically sets "For Sale" to "Yes" and uses the price parameters as such, searching only pets that are for sale.

Breeding Fee: Automatically sets "For Breeding" to "Yes" and uses the price parameters as such, searching only for pets that have a breeding fee.
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Posted: 3/1/2019 at 4:05 AM Post #13
in progress
On Themes

Within the land of Sylestia there are things known as "Themed Sylesti". These are specific sylesti which have specific colours in each slot.

Usually most Festival themes- with the exception of any Majestic themes, which are always Admin-designed- are designed by the players and posted during the Themed Design Contest that occurs before the Festival starts. There is a guide that goes over how these work here.

When it comes to obtaining Themed pets, there are several different ways in which they can be found.

Rarity and strength of themes

Tamed Theme pets are always Rare rarity (2TP) or higher, regardless of how they were obtained, and all Themed sylesti are equivelant of a 2-star sylesti (if Tamed) or a 3-star (if Exclusive), with the exception of Lost Grove Themes.

Lost Grove themes are always 3- or 4- stars.
Themed Egglings from the Grove have +20-30 Grove Stat
Rare wild Themes have +10-20 or +20-30
Epic have +30-50
Legendary have +50-80 (Presumably Mythicals also fall into this category)

Exclusives will generally always be Rare or above, with the exception of Created Exclusives, which may be 1 TP if they didn't have a TP additive used on them by the time of their final creation.

Types of Themed Pet


Zone and Grove

Found randomly while exploring the Festival Zones, either as a wild pet or as an eggling from nests that can randomly spawn in specific chest nodes.
As with all wild pets, the traits they have are random.

Puffadore and Ny'vene can never be obtained as Tamed themes.

Only the specific Season-relevant can be obtained of the four seasonal fabled species during any given Fest. None can be found in the Lost Grove.

Only Themed Ferrikki can be found in the Festival Zones- there are no non-themed ferrikki in the Festival Zones.

Zone and Grove Themed Nephini are generally considered to be the rarest of all pets in the game- people are willing to use Master Traps on even blue-star no-vis zone neph themes, to ensure they don't run.

During Festivals there are always two Zone themes per species of those species present. Typically Zone Themes are obtainable for two years during their relevant seasonal festival and then are retired.

There are only a total of two Grove Themes of each viable species at present.



During each of the four festivals there are Contest Boards- for each of the 22 species there is a Battle Board and a Nurture Board (for a total of 44 boards). Previously there was a Release Board during Spring Fest, though it seems to have been retired permanently.

There are typically three rounds of Boards each Fest, lasting 3-5 days each with at least one day of break between the end of one round and the start of the next.

The pets available from the Boards are always the new Exclusive theme (Majestic themes are not obtainable via the boards).
In terms of the Exclusive pets, first place for each board gets a 3v eggling, an paces 2-6 get a 2v eggling.

Battle Boards give a player 1 point per pet per enemy based on the species they have in their party (rather than, as the common misconception goes, the enemy species fought.)
If one has a team consisting of an aeridini, aurleon, and bulbori, then a team of any three enemies will get 3 aeri board points, 3 aur board points, and 3 bulb board points. Meanwhile, a team of three aeridini vs three enemies will get 9 aeri board points.

Nurture boards give 1 point for every egg of a species nurtured; nurturing 3 aeri eggs and 5 aur eggs will give a person 3 points in the aeri nurture board and 5 points to their aur nurture board score.


During festivals there are activities that can be used to make Exclusive Themes.
Pets created this way can be specified in several ways- Species, Gender, stat boost, number of traits, what trait slots, and if they have any hidden traits under the visible traits.

There have been a few different methods over the years, but the four current Seasonal Sylesti Making Activities are:
Fall- Sylesti Brewing
Winter- Sylesti Snowbuilding
Spring- Sylesti Gardening
Summer- Sylesti Sandsculpting


Activities other than the Creation ones-
Fall- Mojo. The Mojo contests have changed over the years and were not present during the 2018 Fall Festival.
The 2017 Mojo involved a special type of uncatchable theme called "Mojo" themes- resembling a multiitude of Retired Fall Fest themes- that appeared during certain times of the overall event (replacing the Zombified hoard section of the Fall event from previous years.) Mojo Collector traps could be used on these pets for a small chance of them dropping an egg of the theme the pet resembled.

Fall- Trick-or-Treat.

Fall- Haunted House

Winter- Winter Wonderland

Summer- search
Forum Games

Certain forum games can have prizes that might include 2- and 3-vis Themed pets available during the fest.
This includes Themes that are otherwise Zone themes.

eg. Theme Design Contests allow the people who had their design picked to choose a 2-vis pet of any Theme available (excluding Majestic themes) (or two pets, if they had more than one design used)

Eggling Auction


The original Wheel had a small chance of winning a player one of a specific set of Themes that could only be obtained via the Wheel.
This Wheel is now retired, with the remnant of it seen in the Black Friday Wheel of Themed.

The Black Friday Wheel of Themed can only give out themes, specifics (such as amount of Vis traits) varying by what it lands on. It has been used to raise the numbers of Themes that there are less of- it stops giving out particular themes if their numbers pass a specific site-wide threshold of G1 pets of that theme.


During Events (rather than the Seasonal Festivals) such as Festival of Love, or the release of a Revamp, there might be specific themes made obtainable via the Diamond Shop.

Boss Drop

Dropped from specific bosses;
Festival Event Boss- these bosses appear when the players of the site have managed to complete all other steps in the event activity, and have a small chance of dropping specific theme eggs when defeated.

Roaming Event Boss- particular bosses that can be found in Region 3's areas (+LG) during Week of Love, Fortune Festival, etc. which can drop specific themes.
None appeared during 2019 Week of Love.

Vierna- Found in the Dungeon of the Forsaken, the Shade of Vierna can drop Forsaken Guardian Ny'vene egglings upon her defeat, if she's beaten within a certain number of moves.
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Posted: 5/3/2019 at 8:13 PM Post #14
Festival Pet Creation more under construction stuff)

Spring- Sylesti Gardening
Summer- Sylesti Sandsculpting
Fall- Sylesti Brewing
Winter- Sylesti Snowbuilding

Pink/Blue sap (Spring),

Pink/Blue coating (Summer),

Sugar and spice/Gummy puppy tail (Fall),

Frosty coating (Winter)
Allow you to choose the gender of the pet

Level 70
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Joined: 11/2/2014
Threads: 30
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Posted: 9/14/2019 at 2:52 AM Post #15

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