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Forum Index > Official Games and Contests > 2018 Summer Festival - Avatar Dress Up
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Level 70
The Tender
Joined: 8/29/2016
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 11:01 AM Post #51

"The Golden Figurehead"
She waits at the bottom of the ocean, abandoned and separated from her ship. The last thing she saw was the shore of their destination. What had happened to keep them from reaching it? She knew not. Only that she had been here such a long time...maybe someday she will be found...
Level 65
Snow Wars Combatant
Joined: 7/14/2018
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 11:04 AM Post #52
[The Flaming Dream Warden and Messanger of Malgorus]

Marialys is a Fire Sprite serves the Highest Sanction of Sylestia, running errands and delivering messages for the God of Fire, Malgorus, from his domain in Volicanus, the Realm of Fire. Marialys has served Malgorus for hundreds of years, helping the fiery God keep in contact with the other deities such as Faerina or Vaeluna. However, Marialys is often prone to be the target of Malgorus' wrath, his wings and hair often getting scorched (even though he is immune to his master's flames).

On his side job, he takes the captures nightmares from sleeping sylestians' dreams and locks them away the the Dark Dream Vault (Located in the Island of Dreams), where he keeps a close eye on the chaotic dreams. He knows that if the nightmares escape to the real world, they could wreak havoc and destroy Sylestia. His job is very important, and he must visit every Human, Sylesti, Fairy, Bandit, and Deity's mind to prevent the horrifying dreams from becoming a reality. By morning, he is exhausted, and is often caught sleeping on the job (much to Malgorus' annoyance). He is a hard worker, just no one really notices his efforts.

He's a really dorky character and lavishes time and affection taking care of his Ferrikki.

He owns one Sylesti, a Ferrikki named Bo.

[Bo the Floppy-Eared Ferrikki]
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Level 70
Fancy Pants
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 11:19 AM Post #53
Time to slather on SPF 5000!

Even vampires need some fun in the sun, well fun in the moonlight. Sylvia doesn't let her lack of sunlight ruin her summer vacation! Sporting her favorite color she'll strut her stuff along the beach looking for a good time. You'll often catch her shooting off some fireworks and lighting up the sky or relaxing by the waves sipping a bloody mary on the rocks. Summer is all about having some fun and getting away from day to day life, even if you're sun-intolerant. Enjoy your summer!
Level 70
The Perfectionist
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 11:55 AM Post #54

Long ago, in an Enchanted forest, lived the spirit of the woods. The young Fox Spirit Aki,Meaning Bright, Ruled the woods with love and care for all life. She had the ability to transform from a beautiful golden fox to a Radiant, delicate Human girl who retained fox ears.. One Day as she was in human form and caring for newly born Bunnies she heard a crick. Her ears perked and she listened intently.
*crack* The sound of a branch snapping on the forest floor echoed.
She gently hid the little rabbits and climbed a tree to get a view of what may be coming.

It was a boy with a bow and arrow hunting in her woods. She jumped down to confront him. "How dare you hunt in the Sacred Enchanted Forest!" she growled. He couldn't speak a word for he was mesmerized by her beauty. "Forgive me, for I am on my own and just looking for food." he stated. "Then you may live off the land on the condition that you do not harm the lives that dwell of the wood." With a nod he broke his bow and layed it before her. She touched the bow and felt a pain. Her hand jerked away from the bow made from wood that was not given willingly. "your bow, which tree did you steal this wood from. did you not ask the tree to give it's wood freely? It cries in pain."
"I was in the woods alone, I needed protection." the boy stated. "The Forest would have protected you if only you asked." Aki replied. She picked up a seed and kissed it, and hummed a light tune as quiet as a whisper. a blue light fluttered from a tree. The light jingled soft bell sounds and presented it self to her. "Is that...?" the boy started. "A Fairy? yes. This is the sanctuary of all magic creatures." She answered his question.

She whispered something to the fairy and handed it the seed she kissed. in seconds it was off in search of the tree in which the bow was made. "The trees, I can hear them speak. they whisper to me that I should not trust a Red-Blood." Aki states. "A...Red-Blood?" The boy asks. "Humans. You bleed different from Magic-Kin." "well what color do they bleed?" He asks. " Blue." she stated simply. "Do you bleed blue?" he asks her with wide eyes. "No. I am not Magic-Kin. I am a Spirit of the woods. Protector, you would say." "so it's red then?" he says, trying to understand. She ignores his last question and begins to walk through the woods.
"How long will you stay here, Human?" She asks him. " I have a name you know, It would be polite to ask so you don't keep calling me Human." He Huffed. "Alright then, what is your name?" Aki asks.

"Baelfire" he says proudly. Aki liked his name but didn't want to show interest. She had to remain calm and collected to study how trustworthy this human was. She continued on her walk and stopped at a Grand Oak Tree. She places a hand on the tree. "Father oak, I ask of you, would you please grant this boy permissions to live amongst you." she says softly to the tree. It's leaves sway as if it has responded to her plea. "I didn't hear anything..." the boy starts, but is cut off by her shush. "watch." she says and backs away from the tree.
He follows her direction and stands back.

The tree begins to grow Wider, taller. Windows form and a hole of a doorway appears. Beautiful long vines covered in soft Golden flowers drape in front of the door way. shelves build inside and line the walls. a wooden bed frame appears. Aki claps her hands twice and twenty to thirty colorful lights dash about from surrounding trees. Little jingles filling the air made Baelfire swell with happiness. They Zoomed in and out of his newly built home. They filled his bedframe with grass, leaves, anything soft to form a pillowy bed. a soft fur blanket is brought and laid on top. wooden bowls are filled with water and placed on some of the shelves. other bowls are filled with berries and fruits. Baelfires eyes are dazzled with the magic surrounding him.
Aki Claps again and the fairies line up in a circle around the tree about 8 feet out and spin incredibly fast. they dug a circle into the ground and it began to glow bright blue and then faded away. The fairies fly off and gather back in their surrounding trees.

"They have made a protection spell around your home. only those of pure hearts can pass through. only us with kindness and love can see your tree. Anyone who does not belong, your house will be invisible." "thank you kind spirit, for taking me in and allowing me to stay here." said Baelfire. "You may call me Aki, and do not thank me yet. for you have to pass the test and walk into your home a pure heart in order to stay." Aki Responds. Baelfire walks slowly towards his new home and sucks in a breath. he shuts his eyes and inches forward. "you may open your eyes now Baelfire." Says Aki. He peeks and realizes that he has passed and made it to the other side. "I did it!" he shouts with glee.

Baelfire and Aki spend many years growing together. Over those years he has tried to ask about her blood but she never answers. She never shows him her Animal form. This reason we do not know. But now, the years have gone by and Baelfire has grown into a man. Aki into a woman. They share a love like no other. Baelfire has other loves though. Not other women, but the love of objects. he has collected treasures he has found. He travels to town outside the forest and trades objects for food and ale. Spends many days away from the forest. Days turned into years. In those years, he had made friends with other humans. Men who are Huntsmen. Who hunt for the thrill of the sport. One Summer day Aki worries for Baelfire and transforms to her Fox Spirit form to move swiftly. Golden and beautiful she shines bright and darkness flees from around her anywhere she goes. she stands at the edge of the forest and looks upon the lit town down the road. The Buildings made of stolen wood from her forest. Her friends trapped and taken as food to sell in their shops. the Town Screams in pain to her ears. the sadness of the loss of life. She wondered how Baelfire could stand to be in such a place away from the beauty that he lived in.

Baelfire Exited the Inn with a group of "friends" and they stop him. "Hey, I think we have ourselves a hunt." one of the Huntsmen says with a greedy grin. "c'mon lads! lets catch ourselves a rare golden pelt!" Baelfire had never seen that creature before. He had forgotten that it stood in front of the Enchanted Forest. He had forgotten the Promise he had made to a young forest spirit girl. In the excitement, Baelfire agrees and they rushed to gather their hunting tools. "we got you a present Bae!" one of the men shouted. It was a bejewled wooden bow with gold tips and a set of hand carved arrows with a gem in each arrowhead. He was astounded and thanked them for the gift. "Come now Baelfire, let's see if you can hit anything with that fine craft!" the lead man says.

Solemn, Aki Trailed away slowly from the edge of the forest but didn't pay heed to her surroundings. She was unaware of the dangers she was about to encounter. suddenly, Shots are fired and her leg is grazed. "I hit it!" she hears a man's voice chirp. she takes off with speed and tries to disappear but that is quite hard when you glow as bright as the sun. she was wounded and could not shift back to her other form without wasting her energy. "Look! It bleeds Gold! that's real gold! We gotta get this Fox!" another man shouts.

"Hit it, Bae!" the leader orders Baelfire. too weak to outrun him, Aki jumps and glides past them in the other direction to at least have a somewhat decent chance to get away. Baelfire draws his bow. In the second of one heartbeat, while Aki is mid-air, the arrow is released and pierces Aki's Flank. The glowing fox yelps and hits the ground. the pain of the tree who's wood was used, screamed from the arrow. it burned with sadness. It cried for hurting her and cried for it's own pain. The huntsmen cheered and patted Baelfire on the back for his accomplishment in catching a rare find. Baelfire was happy, but only for a moment. The fox breathed shallow and looked up to him with tears. She Slowly transformed into a woman and gasped for air. He dropped to his knees and bawled. He apologized, cried, begged to know why she never told him. and with her last breath she said to him " Be pure, and Promise not to harm the life that dwells in these woods." her body melted away into a puddle of gold that seeped into the earth. and a patch of silky flowers grew. Hundreds of glowing colorful lights sprang from the trees. their jingle didn't bring happiness. it was full of sorrow and the air dampened with grief. the fairies lit up the flower patch. And those men saw something that would change their lives and their world forever. A flower opened gently and a little ball of golden light emerged. it grew and grew into the form of a baby fox and layed softly upon the grass. Baelfire touched the fox for only a second and his ears filled with whispers. he could hear the voices of the trees. the voices of the fairies; and they told him. "Behold, a new spirit of the forest is born." and Baelfire shut his eyes, whimpered one last sorry to Aki, and smiled at the new life before him.

Baelfire is now a man of the forest. Magic-Kin. and he dwells there for hundreds of years, protecting the forest and it's spirit who was named as the one before, Aki.
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Level 70
Fright Master
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 12:35 PM Post #55

During the day, the beaches on the edge of the Veridian Meadows are swarming with Sylestis and their masters looking to escape, for a time, the summer heat. It is a cheerful scene as Kelpari dive and Zolnixis frolic, but only because the inlanders don't know who, or what, is watching them.
At night, the seafolk reclaim their shallows. They slink out of their holes and stalk the sand, collecting every lost trinket the visitors from the day left behind to horde in their deepest trenches. By dawn, the shore looks like it had never seen man or beast. Just the waves.
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Level 60
The Kind-Hearted
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 1:29 PM Post #56
Firefly dancer
Level 70
Candy Dispenser
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 2:00 PM Post #57
Hey Krin I have a question because I'm thinking of doing something a little different..

Is it okay If I make it look like it was taken in a Photograph and mailed in a letter or put in a scrap book? I plan on adding the original Image address at the end so you can see only the Avi. Just curious ^^
Level 70
The Sweet Tooth
Joined: 4/11/2017
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 2:05 PM Post #58

Deanna is a newly anointed sea priestess, belonging to a special order charged with the care of all living things within the sea's domain. It has been her life's passion and now that she is finally communing with the sea creatures, she's the happiest she's ever been.
Level 70
Guardian of the Realm
Site Administrator
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 2:40 PM Post #59
Author: Katelynn4545
Time Posted: 8/23/2018 at 2:00 PM
Hey Krin I have a question because I'm thinking of doing something a little different..

Is it okay If I make it look like it was taken in a Photograph and mailed in a letter or put in a scrap book? I plan on adding the original Image address at the end so you can see only the Avi. Just curious ^^

I would prefer the opposite. I'd rather the actual avatar be posted in the thread and then if you want to provide a link to an edited version as part of your story, you can do that as well.
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Posted: 8/23/2018 at 3:17 PM Post #60

A person fell over board in a ship crash and adapted to live in the enviroment
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