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Forum Index > Fan Fiction > Tribal Luffoxes 3: Spirits Of Whispers
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Posted: 12/26/2020 at 1:59 PM Post #21

Chapter 11: A Broken Path

Regal was trying to shake off the evil Ny'vene. He was struggling to claw at the huge dragon. Dovesight noticed this and came to Zolnixi's aid.

"Take this!" She rammed her horns into the dragon's belly but it didn't effect him.

"So? You also want to die?" The Ny'vene grinned and was forced to let Regal go.

"Don't you dare, Valor!" Regal barked at the huge sylesti.

"Oh... But I will kill her. She ruined our lives!" Valor snapped and bit into Regal's neck, choking the godly spirit.

Dovesight growled and leaped on the Ny'vene, trying to get him to open his mouth and release the Zolnixi. Valor looked back at Dovesight as he let Regal fall to the ground. Tailor looked back at Dovesight, she was being pounded in by Valor 5 times before he finally leaped into action and used his divine balance to lift her up. Dovesight never felt this power before, she held up the Ny'vene by his feet and threw him over to Porsh, Shadow, Red and Knight.

"Oof!" They all screamed aloud before slowly getting back up to see the angry Luffox.

"All of you are so dead!" Xander called from afar.

Shadow gave the Griffi a look before focusing his eyes back on Dovesight. Demonflight was busy fighting with a powerful Qitari and a strong black Zolnixi. The Zolnixi bit his ear and dragged him on the ground, injuring his wings in the process.

"Ah!" Demonflight growled while trying to pull away. Suddenly, Takumi and Quizary knocked the Qitari and the Zolnixi down with their air powers. Sheba came into fight and healed Quizary who has been bleeding. He smiled for a quick second as the Zolnixi leaped back into action and slammed him to the ground.

"If you make one move, this Qitari is dead!" The black Zolnixi growled.

"You wouldn't dare!" Sheba cried out.

"Oh but I would. You took a lot from me, so why don't you give up?" The Zolnixi asked again. The evil purple Qitari pinned Takumi down with it's hooves, giggling at him.

"So? You don't remember us?" The Qitari titled his head to one side, laughing.

"Ramsey!" Takumi growled.

"Please stop this!" Sheba cried, she was pretending to give in. She had a small beam of light go through the ground and towards the Zolnixi.

"I'm sorry Dark, but I must." A voice called to the evil sylesti.

"What the heavens?!" Dark cried before the light took him in. Ramsey was scared and ran away from the battle. All of the other 800 sylesties were still fighting against each other. Regal was busy with Shadow.

"So? You think this is all over? I told you that I would get all of you!" Shadow hissed.

"Shadow, you've been a problem since Devil came into the picture. It's time that you stopped this mess!" Regal was about to challenge him but a voice could be heard.

"Stop right there!" A gruff voice called.

"What!?" Shadow turned to see an orange striped Luffox.

"Shadow... It's time for you to die." Tigerstripes growled. He eyed Shadow the same way he did when they first fought.

"Why should I? You took everything from me to satisfy that Luffox. The one that goes by the name, Devil." Shadow hissed at him.

"Well, you can't take back what has been taken. You didn't deserve to be in the tribe. You were lying, using others to your advantage and killing our tribe members. Starpaw will always be remembered." Tigerstripes spilled the truth.

"Why don't you give up and tell your evil spirit army to fall back?" Another familiar voice hovered in the air. It was from Lucky.

Demonflight was able to see his father walk into the fight.

"You! Why don't you stay out of this!" Shadow hissed at Lucky but the Luffox shook his head.

"No... Not after what you caused." Lucky refused to give in.

"Then you all want to die?" Shadow roared.

Xander watched the battle from above, he always wondered what Lucky was like, yet he was more concerned about his daughter. She was struggling with Valor.

"I don't think you can win!" Dovesight growled at the Ny'vene.

"I will!" Valor about to leap on her by a slash went through his belly. Clare took him out by her wonderful surprise. Her fire slash killed him instantly.

"How was that? You can't kill anyone now." Clare laughed.

Valor's eyes looked blankly at her, he was dead.

"Clare..." Tailor noticed her attack from afar.

A few more sylesties were remaining, the heroes were winning the battle as the last 60 sylesties fled. Porsh and Knight were killed and their bodies disappeared. Red and Shadow were the only two remaining in the fight. Tigerstripes was ready to fight him as Shadow dug his claws into the ground. Devil watched and braced herself just in case.

Regal and the other spirits left. Tailor waved his tail to the others. Dovesight and her group watched them leave, she also looked at Clare. The pink Ny'vene winked at her and flew up into the red sky, disappearing into the purple mist.

"It looks corrupted." Demonflight hissed.

"Where else could they go?" Blackflight huffed.

Red decided to watch Shadow and Tigerstripes battle.

"This fight is going to be like last time but without the help of his team." Devil spoke.

"Then we should let them each handle it." Demonflight looked at his mother.

"What if I fought him?" Dovesight broke the silence.

"What? Are you trying to die?" Takumi growled.

"No... But maybe, Tigerstripes isn't the one that should fight him." Dovesight got his attention. Shadow laughed.

"I would kill you!" Shadow giggled.

"I can fight you." Dovesight argued.

"Well then... A new challenger awaits." Shadow grinned. Tigerstripes wasn't so sure about Dovesight fighting an old enemy. Instead he shook his head at her.
To be continued...
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Level 70
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Joined: 6/19/2013
Threads: 31
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Posted: 5/15/2021 at 5:57 PM Post #22

Chapter 12: Light And Dark
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