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Forum Index > News and Announcements > Puffadore Rune Changes
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Posted: 4/12/2018 at 9:52 PM Post #71
The changes are great and brighten the traits very well; however, while the new versions look very good in most cases, other times they just don't look as nice- more blurry, less contrasting, etc. Some of the old runes were better in that usually there was decent contrast between the white and the rest of the gene, helping diversify the look of the gene. The white also provided more of a crisp outline with a glow for the gene instead of the new blurriness (again, this didnt apply to all the runes). Particularly for Delicate Runes (maybe others too, but I'm less familiar with them), the new version's lack of contrast between the white and the color makes the gene seem less "glowy" and more blurry in many cases. The old Delicate Runes also tended to stand out more than the new versions because of the aforementioned contrast thanks to the higher white opacity. Would it be possible for the same thing to be done to Delicate Runes as was done with Steampunk Lightning?
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