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Forum Index > Other Fiction > The Gifted and the Tainted
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Posted: 8/31/2017 at 7:25 PM Post #1
Note: Story is below (click here)

Please do not post in here. Send me a PM if you'd like to say anything. ^.^ Thank you.

Information: Not my idea, so the credit goes to the author of this writing prompt.

To be marked with the crescent moon on your forehead is to be marked with a life full of mockery and ridicule.
But to be marked with a star is a life full of honor, respect, and riches.
The Tainted are a group of people who were born with a black crescent moon on their forehead, having always lived inside the confined walls of Kardain but never fully welcomed, they have lived their lives in the shadows.
The Gifted are a group of people born with a white star on their forehead, who born with incredible abilities, have been seen as heroes even from the very first Gifted. A special school has been made for them to attend, allowing them to practice their abilities and be trained into soldiers for the King.
The legend goes that the Moon Goddess was upset at the Kardanian people, thus she cursed the city with the Tainted children. The mark of the crescent moon upon your forehead means you are one of the abominations. Horror and misfortunes only follow you.The Tainted are allowed to live among the city walls but are not welcomed. A Tainted child can be born from normal parents but must be given away, forced to be taken in by the Tainted Orphanage and raised to do the hard laborious work until they turn fourteen and were killed by the king.
The killing of blood moon takes place as the Kardanian people believe that if they kill enough Tainted, the moon Goddess will be pleased and get rid of all the Tainted as well as all the bad misfortunes that have befallen upon the town because of them.
After five years of the Blood Moon, they believed their prayers were answered when the first Gifted was born. Manifested by the Star Goddess, the Gifted children are always beautiful. They were born with a white star upon their forehead and with amazing abilities, abilities that could only do good. Unlike the Tainted, the Gifted were allowed to stay with their family. And if a mother bore a gifted child, she was favored by the town and the king, seen a blessed woman.
But the Tainted are a very special group of people, too.
You see, the Moon Goddess did not mean to give the Tainted to the people as a curse, but rather as a blessing. The Tainted have powers that are well beyond what is considered normal but they have yet to access it. They are to be unlocked on their fourteenth birthday, which is why the king had them massacred before they are able to.
Seeing this, The Gifted were given to Kardain by the Star Goddess, in hopes that the Tainted and the Gifted would live amongst each other in peace and harmony. The Goddess's hopes were for them to teach the Kardain people to accept that which they did not understand. But the Gifted, born with their abilities, quickly shunned the Tainted and saw them as garbage. Neither the people of Kardain, The Gifted, or the Tainted knew of Tainted abilities, and thus the killings kept going.
Fast forward to the year 3195, on the 167th killing of the blood moon, a small group of Tainted teenagers rebelled against the system. Having grown up together all their lives, dealt with the mockery, the abuse and the inability to ever amount to anything other than freaks in their town, they had grown together as a small little family and decided to rebel against the king. The rebelling caused chaos but they were able to complete the mission -- Kill the King.
Within a matter of time the King's Son came into rule, and this group of Tainted teenagers was put to trial. The King's Son was a kind man, and although the rebel Tainted were sent to death, the King struck a deal with them.
The Tainted would be allowed to go to the Gifted Academy, study and train by their side, and allowed to choose a career once their training was complete. Although "they had no special abilities", nor anything good ever befell them, the King's Son agreed -- to the anger of both the people of Kardain and the Gifted. Soon after the first Tainted broke out, revealing her abilities and paving the path for the rest of her people.
This is where you come in! As a new (or existing) student of William's Academy for Gifted Students, you're coming back from a long summer to the first class of Tainted barging into your school and raising hell. Whether you hate them, love them, or legitimately don't care, you're stuck with them so try to make friends and have a great high school experience!

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Level 60
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 6/2/2017
Threads: 127
Posts: 11,170
Posted: 8/31/2017 at 7:25 PM Post #2
Please do not post in here. Send me a PM if you'd like to say anything. ^.^ Thank you.

(Characters belong to Sc0ut, Hawkeye, Tigergrlgamer, Thisbyofthessally, Bluepearl13, and Darkblood. Thanks so much you guys! <3 )


Lynn- The Illusionist

"Leave! Now- you're not my daughter. You're a disgrace, a monster that should not be part of society." The voice was shrill, high pitched, and scared her.

It wasn't supposed to scare her. She wasn't supposed to be terrified of the person the voice belonged to, but she was.

Slowly backing away, the little girl felt tears slip into her eyes. Her gaze was drawn to the beautiful star symbol on her mother's forehead. Her mother, the one telling her these terrible things.

"Mother... what's wrong?"

No reply. Just... silence.

Silence, that was finally what broke her.

She turned and fled, and no one knew what she would grow up to be.

What she would do.

Who she was going to be, the one who led a revolution that changed everything.

Kai- The Guardian
This character belongs to Tigergrlgamer

Sand curled upon the beach as the water dragged it upwards. The sun shone brightly onto the canopy of trees that started farther away from the rocky shore of the island.

Of course, the island. The island could be described as paradise, because of the peaceful silence and the beautiful vegetation and colors.

The 'paradise's' peace and quiet was destroyed as a coughing noise shattered the silence. Curled up on the beach, with torn clothes and scrapes, was a little boy. He threw up some water, clutching his stomach and turning over.

When he recovered, he shakily got to his feet before looking up at the sky. Still weak, he staggered over to the cover of the trees.

Aislinn- The Raptor
This character belongs to Sc0ut

She roamed the dark alley, reliving the scene in her mind- it had occurred just a few hours ago.

The guards had come to take her, and her parents had agreed. That black symbol on her forehead had been the cause of it all.

Fortunately, they hadn't been successful, the fierce redhead had fought her way free. She wasn't gonna let them kill her, not if she could help it! She would kill anyone, anything in her way instead, if it meant saving her life and that of others.

Rain- The Healer
This character belongs to Bluepearl13

The woman cooed, stroking the girl's hair delicately. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I don't want him to."

She girl snuggled closer, tears leaking out of her eyes and onto the woman's simple clothes. "I don't wanna go. I wanna stay with you, Ma."

"You can't, dear. I won't make you go with them, though." Her eyes darted around the room. "Now go-before your father finds out you're still here!"

Myles- The Warrior
This character belongs to Hawkeye

He glared out at the other kids. They pointed at him, mocked him, and in other words, hated him. Everyone did. Wait- no, actually, they didn't hate him.

They hated the mark. The mark of darkness that was on his forehead- it marked him as one of them.

The reason it spited him was because of the unfair treatment. Why weren't the ones with he white marks treated like he was?

He wanted revenge- but who could help him get it?
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Level 60
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 6/2/2017
Threads: 127
Posts: 11,170
Posted: 8/31/2017 at 7:25 PM Post #3
Chapter One


"She sure looks like a murderer."

"I heard that she did it..."

"Yeah, with her group of Tainted Criminals."

"...why here...?"

"Get off of our turf, Rebel!"

Lynn ignored the many phrases and yells in her direction. She stood in front of the William's Academy for Gifted Students, wondering how something so useless could save her life. She looked around for her family, the four other teen Tainted Rebels.

I wonder how the others are doing. There were other Tainted in hiding, of course. Mothers, fathers, infants. They weren't to be revealed to the new King. I'll make sure of it.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as she saw a short but familiar figure racing over to her. Taking a slight step to the side, she wasn't too alarmed as a blonde girl appeared next to her.

"Hey! Isn't this place amazing?" The girl greeted, her eyes wide with excitement. "So much better then the orphanage or the streets. I just wish the king didn't have to be killed for us to get here..." her voice trailed off at the last part, and she played with her short, golden hair nervously.

Lynn's face couldn't help but form into a little smile- the girl was like a sister to her. "Rain, hello. And yes, it's beautiful. Is everyone well?"

Just as Rain opened her mouth, a small head popped up next to them. "H-he-llo?" The girl was small and timid, and definitely a Gifted. The white star on her head almost made Lynn wince. Almost.

When they didn't respond, the girl's eyes widened with fear and she shook her head while covering the bright symbol on her forehead. "I'm sorry...," she looked up shyly, then continued. "I didn't mean to offend you two at all."

"You didn't want to, and you didn't." Seeing Rain's look, she rolled her eyes and drew in a long breath. "At least you don't seem as bad as the others."

That hadn't been what Rain was looking for- she spoke immediately. "Hey now, don't say that." She threw the flaxen-haired girl an apologetic look. "These people could be much nicer than we expect." Turning to address the Gifted girl, she smiled cheerfully. "Hi! I'm Rain Crimson."

"Saorise..." The girl looked troubled about something, rubbing her fingers against her temples.

"That's a really pretty name!" Rain responded, and Lynn remembered all the times people had trusted Rain before they saw the mark. She had always been the most peaceful of their little group.

Saorise stuttered. "T-thanks?"

"It's nice to meet you!"

Lynn cut into the conversation, her voice dry. "I'm Lynn. Call me that and nothing else if you want to live." Seeing Saorise's expression, she smirked. "Kidding."

The girl's eyes darted around before she whispered to the two tainted girls. "I just wanted to tell the Tainted about a.... vision."
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Level 60
The Kind-Hearted
Joined: 6/2/2017
Threads: 127
Posts: 11,170
Posted: 8/31/2017 at 7:25 PM Post #4
Chapter Two

Steven watched the small huddle of Tainted, excited. Contrary from most other Gifted prodigies, he couldn't wait to meet them and find out what they really were like. They couldn't have possibly been as bad as the others had described them to be.

He looked down at his companion, a wolf named Kim. She was one of the three spirit animals he could summon with his Gifted power. She looked up at him, her tongue lolling out of her mouth. She put her paws on the windowsill as if watching Tainted along with him.

Myles fixed his eyes upon the magnificent building. He tilted his head up to take in the entire sight, a smile playing on his lips as he did. Silver looked up at him, his eyes wide. The fox pup looked up as Myles sniffed the air, just as her 'mother' had taught him to. She was... He thought of the mother dog who had lost her own pups and taken him in as an infant. And then she had... No, he wouldn't think of it.

Shaking his head to rid himself of the memory that had been about to surface, he decided the Academy was going to take some getting used to, although it wouldn't be too bad. Myles stroked Silver's head as he thought.

Lynn's frown deepened after what Saorise had said. "A vision?"

"A vision?" Rain echoed her, eyed wide. "Do tell!"

Saorise took another hurried scan of the school premises as if someone would want to be anywhere near the Tainted. Then her voice dropped to a hush. "Well... it was of a crescent. A red crescent."

Suddenly, Lynn's head snapped up as she saw another figure hurrying over to them. It was Kai, his head down and his arms around himself. She sprinted over to him and threw her arms over his shoulders, pulling him close.

"What's wrong?" She demanded as he shook. Sighing, she rested her head on his shoulder. The rose in her hand vanished, her concentration was lost. "I know it's hard, but it's just so we can live. Just so we can prove to them that we don't deserve to be treated like this." He had taken on the role in her heart as 'Little brother', even if he was slightly older. "Then the others can come out of hiding."

He stood up at that, wiping his eyes and trying to appear more confident. "Right, I'm okay." His thoughts were on the island where he had been deserted- where he had grown up. Now all the other Tainted were hidden there, and no one knew about it other than them.
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Threads: 127
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Posted: 9/22/2017 at 11:40 PM Post #5
Chapter Three

Lynn turned back to Saorise, asking the flaxen-haired Gifted girl questions about the vision.

"So, do you think I'll be able to find them some day? You know, my parents? I mean, yeah, they tried to kill me and that's horrible, but, maybe they regret doing it and maybe they'll want me back.." Kai sighed, looking to the ground as memories flashed through his head- most were flashes or black and blue, depicting a beautiful picture of what the sun looked like from under the ocean.

He wished to rid his mind of the thoughts- so he looked up, about to attempt to make conversation. Just as he did, a view of two bright blue eyes flashed in front of him.

They're mesmerizing... he felt a bit drowsy. Tried, almost like he couldn't stay on his feet. The eyes blinked, as if the person they belonged to was surprised.

But he was sure that he was going to sleep now. Sure enough, he felt himself sway on his heels, and then everything turned black as he toppled over.

A screech resounded in the air, and Lynn's head jerked up as she saw a majestic creature flying in the air. A smile stretched across her face as she recognized the white barn owl.

It was Aislinn, Lynn's closest 'family member' and Second in Command. She was in her Barn Owl form now, and no one would suspect it was her if they hadn't known what her power was.

Lynn was surprised, however, when Aislinn changed course from her, and let out another cry. The white owl dove down toward a small Gifted girl standing over Kai's unconscious body.

Her eyes widened in surprise, and she too lunged at the girl, tackling her before Aislinn could scratch her face off. She pinned the small girl down, snarling in her face.

"What did you do?" She growled, pressing her arm closer around the girl's neck, nearly cutting off her air supply. Beside her, she could feel a whoosh of air as Aislinn transformed back beside her.

The girl, however, was a formidable opponent, and managed to push Lynn off. "I didn't do anything!" She spat, pulling herself up. She angled her head away so it was as if she was looking at the ground. The white symbol on her forehead was like a warning to Lynn, and she almost felt herself flinch at the girl's tone. "He's just asleep. He saw my eyes." As if that explained everything, she crouched beside him.

"Then wake him up!" Lynn replied brusquely, before turning to Aislinn. "Come here, Ash." She sat next to Kai, brushing her fingers along his forehead. The redhead joined her side, prepared to pounce at the Gifted girl. "Wake him up..."

The Gifted didn't respond.

"Wake him up! Now!" She was losing her patience.

"Don't you see?" She snapped, her tone depicting her annoyance at their pestering. "I can't!"

Silence followed, and then Aislinn lunged at her, transforming into the barn owl as she did. She slashed her claws near the Gifted, feet extended.

The Gifted girl looked up, her bright blue eyes burning, and Lynn averted her gaze as she remembered what her power was. Aislinn wasn't so lucky, however, and she fell to the ground as she was inches away from the Gifted.
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Posted: 10/5/2017 at 7:38 PM Post #6
This message has been deleted.
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Posted: 10/9/2017 at 10:53 PM Post #7
Chapter Four

Lynn caught the drowsy owl in her hands and looked around for Blue. The healer was nearby, still chatting with Saorise and unaware of the situation. Lynn sighed and stroked the owl's tan and white feathers. The owl let out a quiet screech and she smiled a bit. "Sister, wake up. Ash?"

Aislinn stirred seconds later, clicking her beak and shaking her feathers out before climbing up Lynn's shoulder and perching there. The girl watched with a strange look in her eyes, like she was confused.

"Thank god, Ash. I thought she did something." Lynn used one hand to pet the owl, and the other to trace the outline of Kai's head. She remembered her first meeting with Aislinn, she had been only 10.

A dark alleyway. Two figures looking for food and shelter. The first one, who was slightly taller and more hidden, stepped closer to the first.

The smaller one leaped back, shielding her face. This other person... whoever they were, were going to turn her in.

When no attack came, she peeked out from her fingers. The person... the girl- had a mark on her head, a crescent moon. Just like her.

"Who are you?" She came slightly closer. "Why are you here?"

She was snapped out of the memories once again as her eyes had wandered to spot some people in the window of the building. They were obviously watching the small group from above and Lynn's eyes narrowed. She could only tell the figure was a blonde male and next to him was... was that a wolf? No, it was probably just a dog. Who would let a wolf on campus?

Just at that moment, Kai yawned, rubbing his eyes and smiling as he looked around, his smile suddenly fading. "Hey, Lynn, w-what happened? Why am I on the ground? And why was I asleep?" Lynn acknowledged him with a nod and didn't say anything.

She looked at the Gifted girl who had made him sleep. "What's your name, girl?" She eyed her, making an illusion of a flower fade in and out of sight.

"Serenity Aurum, now, there's something I have to ask, have you ever met a tainted named Willow? Willow Sylver?" Serenity asked, clearly nervous about asking her. Kai thought for a moment, then took a deep breath as he remembered who she was. Lynn gave him a warning glance, telling him not to betray any information to her.
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Posted: 10/9/2017 at 10:53 PM Post #8
Chapter Five
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Posted: 12/20/2017 at 9:22 PM Post #9
Chapter Six
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Posted: 1/4/2018 at 1:20 PM Post #10
Chapter Seven
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