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Posted: 11/22/2021 at 10:44 PM Post #1
I feel a way to lock Skill ranks would be a useful feature in the game. In case you are unsure what I'm talking about, fighting in the Lost Grove and Maws of Madness awards skill expertise which improves your pet's skills overall.

I feel as if it would be a good idea to have something that can stop your party members from earning expertise, as in some cases it could lead to unnecessary consequences.

Currently my main point is that is the lvl 30-59 Maws of Madness tower in stage 8, Vierna the Reborn at the end when you're trying to defeat the boss, Vierna summons specters. If you defeat these specters, it gives vierna 5 stacks of a buff that increases her magical damage by a lot with further stacks. In the case of rank 3-4 fairy light on a light pet, it is multi target and hits multiple enemies which means it is unavoidable to kill the specters, unless I simply refuse to use the skill, which makes the fight considerably harder as well. Ranks would increase the difficulty of the battle, rather than lessen it, which is probably the original idea.

So simply I think that a way to stop earning skill expertise would be a useful thing to add. I would think that something like the Philter of Unlearning, easily accessible would be nice. But overall, I must think that implementing this could help stop further complexities. I do usually think ranks are very useful, it's just in some cases, they don't help the battle and make it more complicated than it should originally be.

The fairy light in MoM is just an example, but I'm sure there are other cases as well where the ranks due more harm than help.

Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.
Edited By Winterflower on 11/23/2021 at 12:36 AM.
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